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Descendants of George Koons

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Descendants of George Koons

Generation One

1. George1 Koons; born circa 1786 in North Carolina;1,2 married Mary Eller before 1814;1,2 died 25 March 1849.2

He was a Baptist.2 He and Mary Eller removed September 1819 from North Carolina to Indiana by covered wagon.2 Kenneth Frank Doig has researched the Koons/Koontz line back to Germany and has published his findings on his website entitled Kenneth Frank Doig's Home Page - Koontz Genealogy. For those interested in the ancestry of George Koons, see the fifth generation and back. According to Mr. Doig's research, this George Koons is the son of Gasper and Mercy (Presnall) Koons, and grandson of Davault and Susan (Dicks) Koons..3 .

Mary Eller was born circa 1788 in North Carolina.1,2 She died in 1872.2

Known children of George1 Koons and Mary Eller were as follows:

* + 2 i. Davault2 Koons, born 12 October 1814 in Randolph county, North Carolina; married Polly Canaday.

* + 3 ii. George Koons, born 29 August 1822 in Henry county, Indiana; married Hannah Millikan.

* 4 iii. Elizabeth Koons.2

* 5 iv. Massy Koons.2

* 6 v. Henry Koons.2

* 7 vi. Absalom Koons.2

* 8 vii. Allie Koons (various Ally);2 married Jacob Harvey 4 September 1828 in Henry county, Indiana.4

* 9 viii. Catherine Koons;1,2 married William Harvey 1 May 1834 in Henry county, Indiana.1,5

* + 10 ix. Gasper Koons, born circa 1821 in North Carolina; married Lucinda Hedrick; married Maria Houck.

* 11 x. Martha Koons.2

* + 12 xi. Peter Koons, born 4 June 1826 in Flat Rock, Henry county, Indiana; married Catherine Rinard.

Generation Two

2. Davault2 Koons (George1);2 born 12 October 1814 in Randolph county, North Carolina;6,2 married Polly Canaday, daughter of William Canaday and Hannah [-?-], 30 October 1845 in Henry county, Indiana.4,7,2

Polly Canaday was born circa 1822 in Indiana.7 She died on 26 April 1883.2

Known children of Davault2 Koons and Polly Canaday were as follows:

* 13 i. William M.3 Koons;7,2 born circa 1846 in Indiana.7

* 14 ii. George A. Koons;7,2 born circa 1849 in Indiana.7

* 15 iii. John R. Koons.2

* 16 iv. Eliza E. Koons.2

* 17 v. Isaac N. Koons.2

* 18 vi. David H. Koons.2

* 19 vii. Samuel Koons;2 died before 1884.2

3. George2 Koons (George1);1,2 born circa 1822 in Indiana;8 born 29 August 1822 in Henry county, Indiana; married Hannah Millikan, daughter of Alexander Millikan and Elizabeth Bussell, 21 September 1843.4,8,9

Hannah Millikan9,9 was buried in Hillsboro Cemetery, Indiana, . The undertaker was William A. Fox.9 She was born on 18 February 1818 in Tennessee.8,9 She died on 10 February 1902 in Liberty township, Henry county, Indiana, at age 83.9

Known children of George2 Koons and Hannah Millikan were as follows:

* 20 i. Nancy C.3 Koons;8 born circa 1844 in Indiana.8

* 21 ii. George A. Koons; born after 1844.

* 22 iii. Adeline Koons.

* 23 iv. Mary E. Koons;8 born circa 1846 in Indiana.8

* 24 v. Martha J. Koons;8 born circa April 1850 in Indiana.8

* 25 vi. Hester A. Koons.

* 26 vii. Martha E. Koons.

* 27 viii. Keziah A. Koons.

10. Gasper2 Koons (George1);2 born circa 1821 in North Carolina;10 married Lucinda Hedrick 15 July 1838 in Henry county, Indiana;4 married Maria Houck 12 April 1849 in Henry county, Indiana.4,10

Known children of Gasper2 Koons and Lucinda Hedrick were as follows:

* 28 i. George3 Koons;11 born circa 1845 in Indiana.10

* 29 ii. Catherine Koons;11 born circa 1839 in Indiana.10

* 30 iii. Samuel Koons;11 born circa 1842 in Indiana.10

Maria Houck was born circa 1829 in Virginia.10

Known children of Gasper2 Koons and Maria Houck were:

* 31 i. Mary E.3 Koons;12 born circa April 1850 in Indiana.10

12. Peter2 Koons (George1);1,2 born 4 June 1826 in Flat Rock, Henry county, Indiana;1,13 married Catherine Rinard, daughter of George Rinard and Catherine Reddy, between 25 May 1847 and 27 May 1847 in Henry county, Indiana.4,13,1,14

Catherine Rinard14 was born on 10 October 1828 in Wayne county, Indiana.13,15,16 She died on 14 January 1902 in near Messick, Henry county, Indiana, at age 73 of LaGrippe [influenza] and sarcoma with a duration of one week.1,14

Known children of Peter2 Koons and Catherine Rinard were as follows:

* + 32 i. George H.3 Koons, born 2 April 1848; married Josie Hickman.

* + 33 ii. John N. Koons, born 9 February 1850; married Caroline Caylor.

* 34 iii. [Infant] Koons;1 born 9 February 1851;1 died 9 February 1851.1

* 35 iv. Mary A. Koons;1 born 10 November 1853;1 died 6 July 1866 at age 12.1

* + 36 v. Margaret E. Koons, married John Healton; born 2 April 1858.

* 37 vi. Abraham L. Koons;1 born 1 December 1860;1 died 19 August 1863 at age 2.1

* + 38 vii. William P. Koons, married Jennie Downs; born 10 December 1862.

* + 39 viii. Thomas B. Koons, married Maud Dolman; born 2 February 1867.

Generation Three

32. George H.3 Koons (Peter2, George1);1,13 born circa 1847 in Indiana;13 born 2 April 1848;1 married Josie Hickman 6 September 1872.1

Known children of George H.3 Koons and Josie Hickman were as follows:

* 40 i. Maud4 Koons;1 died before 1902.1

* 41 ii. Clara C. Koons.1,1,1

* 42 iii. Rebecca E. Koons.1

* 43 iv. George H. Koons;1 born after 1873.

33. John N.3 Koons (Peter2, George1);1,13 born circa February 1850 in Indiana;13 born 9 February 1850;1 married Caroline Caylor 4 June 1875.1

Known children of John N.3 Koons and Caroline Caylor were as follows:

* 44 i. Rollie C.4 Koons.1

* 45 ii. Doshie Koons.1,1,1

* 46 iii. Hallie Koons.1

* 47 iv. George Koons;1 born after 1876.

36. Margaret E.3 Koons (Peter2, George1);1 married John Healton;1 born 2 April 1858.1

Known children of Margaret E.3 Koons and John Healton were as follows:

* 48 i. Alonzo V.4 Healton.1,1,1

* 49 ii. Minnie C. Healton.1,1,1

* 50 iii. Edna E. Healton.1,1,1

* 51 iv. Mary Ann Healton.1,1,1

* 52 v. Josie Healton.1,1,1

* 53 vi. Jessie C. Healton.1,1,1

38. William P.3 Koons (Peter2, George1);1 married Jennie Downs;1 born 10 December 1862.1

Known children of William P.3 Koons and Jennie Downs were:

* 54 i. Rhea C.4 Koons.1

39. Thomas B.3 Koons (Peter2, George1);1 married Maud Dolman;1 born 2 February 1867.1

Known children of Thomas B.3 Koons and Maud Dolman were as follows:

* 55 i. Ben D.4 Koons.1,1,1

* 56 ii. Mary Koons;1 married [-?-] Ashton.1

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